Keeping Your Gums in Great Shape

Keeping Your Gums in Great Shape

Visit Dr. Eric K. Borchert for periodontic care in Yakima, WA

When you think of oral care, you usually think of your teeth. But your gums are a vital part of your oral hygiene. Inflammatory diseases, ranging from mild gingivitis to periodontitis, can destroy your gums and affect your teeth. Dr. Eric K. Borchert is a periodontist in Yakima, WA, specializing in the treatment and prevention of gum diseases. When you need an oral care specialist to care for your gums, schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric K. Borchert.

What can a periodontist do to protect your gums and treat disease?

Dr. Eric K. Borchert can diagnose periodontal disease at any routine checkup. If you have bad breath, bright red gums, tender gums or loose teeth, you should schedule an appointment with a qualified dentist in Yakima, WA like Dr. Eric K. Borchert. To prevent and/or treat gum disease, we complete:

  • Dental scaling (eliminating plaque through sonic vibrations)
  • Root planing (scaling the root surface to address inflammation)
  • Lesion management
  • Acute infection management

Keep your mouth clean and healthy with Dr. Eric K. Borchert. Call 509-452-7003 for periodontic care in Yakima, Washington.