How Do You Know if You Need a Dental Filling?

Listen to the Yakima, WA experts

Getting a dental filling is an incredibly common procedure. It's usually used when decay or disease has damaged a tooth so badly that it cannot be repaired. If you have mild tooth decay or a cavity, you may need a filling. Call 509-452-7003 to speak with Dr. Eric K Borchert DDS about your needs.

3 myths about dental fillings

3 myths about dental fillings

There's a lot of misinformation on the web about dental fillings. Don't worry yourself before your procedure - listen to the Yakima, WA experts instead. Here are three myths about dental fillings, busted:

  1. They're expensive. The cost of fillings varies based on the materials used. Gold fillings can often set you back more than $1,000 without insurance, but silver or resin fillings are usually no more than $200.
  2. They're painful. A dental filling procedure will not hurt you. We use a local anesthetic and numbing agents to ensure you won't feel a thing.
  3. They look bad. Most fillings these days are tooth-colored. No one even has to know!

Do you need a dental filling? Are you not sure if you need one or not? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric. K Borchert DDS today to discuss your needs.